Parade Pedicabs

Portland Pedicabs loves a good parade! Pedicabs are the perfect ecological transport that allows you to engage with the crowd!
We have pedaled many VIPs! We are delighted to have pedaled the U of O Duck, the Mayor's Office, Pride Royalty, a famous St. Johns preschool teacher, and the Oregon Mayors Association
Parade PedicabsOur Portland Pedicabs provide the perfect environmental and crowd pleasing transportation choice.
We were honored to pedal the U of O Duck as Grand Marshall of the 2011 Rose Parade!Portland Parade Rickshaws
Parade Rickshaws & PedicabsThe Sister's of Perpetual Indulgence and Portland Pride Pageantry have graced our Portland Pedicabs with their Pride Parade presence!
Please contact us at Portland Pedicabs for your parade needs! We can help promote your message! (360)510-1818



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